This week somewhere near you in North Carolina there will be a tailgate market. No matter where you live or where you go because they are everywhere, especially this time of year.

VIDEO:  Cover Your Tail: Why Your Tailgate Market Needs Insurance

The term farmer’s market is sometimes used for tailgate markets. However tailgate markets are more specifically where farmers come together in a parking lot or other non-owned spot where they sell their produce and other products right off their vehicle.

So why am I suggesting that a tailgate market should cover its “tail” with insurance? Because if someone gets hurt while at the market – it will most likely fall on the organizer or organization holding the market to pay for the injury.

It’s just produce and people – how risky could that be?

Here’s a real life scenario – a tailgate market in Western NC is informed that a patron at the market trips over a speed bump in the parking lot and breaks a wrist. The speed bump of course belongs to the parking lot owner. The tailgate market doesn’t own the parking lot, they just rent it. However the parking lot owner doesn’t want to file the claim on their insurance because it happened during the tailgate market.

This tailgate market is smart and has general liability insurance which pays the medical bills for the injured person. Thankfully it didn’t end up in court but even if it had, the insurance carrier would’ve represented the market and paid out if there was a judgment.

The market doesn’t have to pay anything and their relationship with the parking lot owner is better than ever. Happy ending.

How do I know? That tailgate market is my client.

If you run a tailgate market in North Carolina please give me a call today and let’s discuss how to keep your tail covered. Call Morrow Insurance Agency at 828-652-6212 and ask for Tracy Cotton or email me .