IDEAMarketing a business isn’t magic but it certainly has its similarities.

Growing up I always loved watching magic shows. I grew up with David Copperfield then graduated to watching Penn & Teller, David Blaine and Criss Angel. Their styles were all very different but the appeal of their magic was pretty simple.

Magic makes the impossible seem easy.
Same goes for marketing. When I look around I see so many businesses that are successful at creating social media connections, creating brand awareness, and making their content so relevant. Like the magicians they may have different styles but they make marketing seem so easy.
And like magicians, the businesses who are really killing it in marketing are pretty tight-lipped. A magician and a successful marketer apparently guard their secrets well.
But what if small business owners banded together and shared ideas, brought in marketing experts willing to divulge their secrets, and had a supportive environment to learn how to make marketing magic for themselves? Maybe there is already a marketing mastermind group in your area that is already doing just that. The idea of a mastermind group itself is not new and may be offered through your local chamber or business associations.
However for businesses (including not for profit organizations) in McDowell County, NC the good news is there is a new group forming in January 2016. Which does not require membership in any other groups (although supported by both Marion Business Association and the McDowell Chamber of Commerce) and the meetings are FREE. The monthly meeting on the second Thursday will be 7:45-8:45 am at the MBA office at Historic Marion Depot will feature time to discuss challenges and victories,  a guest speaker on timely marketing topics, and many more benefits.
As a small business owner you can go it alone in marketing, but consider the possibilities of how collaboration and cooperation could bring more focus and less hocus pocus to your efforts.
If you are interested in forming a group in your area OR if you are a McDowell County business ready to make marketing magic in 2016 please email Tracy Cotton, for more information.