Earlier this year I wrote a blog about why small businesses shouldn’t start on social media. The real message was that they really should be on there, however there were things to consider first like their audience, etc.

Since I work exclusively with small businesses I know many who get on social media, even with the right focus, still become frustrated. Small businesses have 5 things they DON’T do about social media, that all add up to finding someone else who DOES.

I’ve enlisted the help of a trusted resource (and another Tracy!), Tracy Taylor of TNT Marketing, for the reasons it’s both smart and economical to outsource your social media. She has worked up a list of the most common reasons she hears small businesses complain about social media and I’ve provided some commentary on those DON’T’s:

DON’T #1: You don’t know how. That would be because you are good at other things. Like running a business. Like making products, or selling products, or serving others, or whatever it is your business does. You may have already learned a lot about social media in attempting to use it for marketing. There is no shame in not knowing all the best channels or best times of day to post or best length of a post or best content or best keywords, and so forth. You don’t, but there are social media managers out there that do.

DON’T #2: You don’t know what social media can do for your business. That would be because you have yet to see any results. Oh, wait. Perhaps the lack of results goes back to DON’T #1. You don’t know how to do it so the results aren’t showing up yet. However if the right person was posting for you with the right content on the right channels, you could be amazed at what social media can do for your business.

DON’T#3: You don’t like social media. I don’t like changing the oil in my car. I actually do know how but it gives me no satisfaction to do it myself. As a business owner you may have to do a lot of things you don’t really enjoy – like taxes or answering the phone or shipping orders. Why add another few minutes a day of doing something you don’t like by doing your own social media?

DON’T #4: You don’t feel you have anything to say. This goes back primarily to DON’T’s #1-3. If you don’t know how, or why, or even enjoy social media then you aren’t likely to posting often enough to make a difference. Unfortunately social media is a marketing tool that is worse to use occasionally than not at all. Consistency and content are key for results whereas sporadic and haphazard can actually discourage potential followers.

So even if you are trying to post some on social media you could be wasting your time.  In small business time IS money.  Which means even free marketing could be costing you income.

Which brings us to DON’T #5: You don’t have enough time to do social media. Of course you don’t have time because as a business owner you are busy running a business. You have customers to keep happy. Maybe even employees to keep happy. You deserve to be happy too. Instead of trying to conquer all the things about social media you DON’T do, it’s a good idea to find someone who does.

Here’s some of what a legitimate, experienced with small business, social media management service like Tracy and her team at TNT Marketing can provide:

•we manually post to your Social networks, every business day;
•we post content about your business and industry, establishing you as the go-to authority;
•no scheduling; all posts are real-time and human-made;
•posts are done by writers based in the USA;
•we monitor engagement;
•we grow Followers naturally (not ‘purchased followers’); and
•no blackhat stuff to get your accounts banned!

The end result of good social media as described by the team at TNT Marketing:

•higher search engine ranking for your site;
•a great way to build recognizable branding for any products or services you want to promote;
•more inbound links that point back to your official site;
•more visibility and recognition for your business and services;
•solid relationships with your clients, partners, vendors, and staff.

If you do your own social media your cost is only your time (which may or may not be costing you in the long run) and perhaps some paid advertising through Facebook or other channels. You may thoroughly enjoy posting your own content and feel good about the results you are getting. However if you DON’T when it comes to social media why not outsource? It’s like hiring a good attorney, a good CPA, or even a good insurance agent – sometimes it is better to spend a little to make more.*


*You may not have a large budget for this outsourcing either so make sure and look for a social media provider who can customize their services to fit your needs. I’m including the contact information for Tracy Taylor and her team at TNT Marketing specifically because they offer the power of choice. Part of being experts in working with small business is their understanding that one service package does not fit all.  You can reach Tracy Taylor at : tracy@tntmarketing.com or 865-809-5989