No matter if you are a newbie to posting for your business on social media or a veteran you have probably heard how important it is to tell your story.  Your audience can better identify with your business if they know what you are about. Think about it in terms of your closest friends. We know where our closest friends are from, what they do, their spouse’s and children’s names, maybe even how they take their coffee or tea.  It helps us to relate to them, develop trust, discover mutual interests and otherwise feel connected to them.

Our audience wants the same thing from us as a business. No they don’t have to know how you take your coffee. However if you are willing to share pictures of your child or the child of an employee as they win an award or recognition you’ll be sharing your values and increase connection with our audience.

Start having some fun on social media as you tell your story. Here’s 15 ideas to get you going. Please feel free to share additional ideas that you’ve used or discovered.

1) Post about the history of your business. Old photos, scans of newspaper clippings, brief stories about the early days. Even if the early days were just a few years ago.

2) Post about anniversaries. That can tie in with #1 but don’t just limit it to the anniversary of when the business started. You could highlight how long the business has been a chamber member or number of years for receiving a certification.

3) Celebrate employee anniversaries in your social media as well.

4) Post about your customers interacting with your business. Show them modeling clothes or test driving a car or even signing the contract on their new home.

5) Share your business celebrating an unusual or unique holiday. Have your employees don an eye-patch for “Talk Like a Pirate Day”.  Show everyone sharing pie on “National Pie Day”.

6) Post pictures of any improvements taking place at your business. It could be a new soda machine or fixing a plumbing leak.

7) Share what you and your employees do for your favorite charity. Post pictures of serving the meal or digging the garden or taking the donated coats.

8) Have a contest to name your business’ mascot. Even if it’s just a newly placed rock in your location’s landscaping.

9) Catch the action by utilizing video of a celebration or an event your business participates in like the town Christmas parade or a trade show.

10) Take your audience on a video tour of your business especially if there is some behind the scenes aspect you can show like the kitchen of a restaurant or manufacturing of an item.

11) Along the same lines as #10 if you have employees that most customers never see behind the scenes highlight them and what they do.

12) Ask your customers to help tell your story. Offer a prize like a free product for a year (a meal each week, a weekly car wash, or whatever your business can provide) for the winning commercial. Entrants submit a 30 second video about your business and then compete on a special YouTube channel for the most likes.

With 12 new ideas you’ve got a year’s worth of fun to get you started. Telling your business’ story in social media can be instrumental in developing engagement with your audience. It doesn’t have to be complicated or boring – just authentic like you are with your friends.